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Arrangement of Notarization (International)

Notarized documents used in other countries and regions:

A Notary Public issues notarized documents according to the requirements of the place where the notarized documents are to be used. There are mainly three different procedures:

  • Apostilles

    After a document is notarized by a Notary Public, it will be sent to the Hong Kong High Court to issue an apostille. Most major countries or regions including many countries in the Americas and Europe have acceded to the "Hague Convention" and accepted apostilles in place of legalization. The procedure is relatively straight-forward and simple. It can be completed as fast as 3 days.

  • Legalization

    After a document has been notarized by a Notary Public, it will be submitted to the embassy of the relevant country in Hong Kong for legalization. Generally speaking, the requirements and procedures are more complex and vary from country to country. This is applicable to non-signatory countries or regions of the Hague Convention, mainly including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and some other countries.

  • Neither Apostille nor Legalization Required

    Some institutions that ask for a document to be notarized will accept it to be signed by a Notary Public only. Neither apostille nor legalization is necessary.

Translation of notarized documents

If the notarized documents are in a foreign language and need to be translated into English, we can provide translation services for you.

If you need the above services, please contact us for a quotation and learn more about the arrangement. Intermediaries are welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation.

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